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Pre-save tracks

If you would like my new tracks to arrive in your Spotify library immediately on Release day, just use the custom web app below by clicking on 'signup'. This will take you through a permissions dialog provided by Spotify, and may ask you to sign in to Spotify, if you are not already signed in.

Simply click below to pre-save my tracks - thank you!

Unlike other pre-save services, our custom-made app will not request any data from your Spotify account other than the ability to add a track to your Library.

The Spotify permissions dialog will say that the app can also see your Username and Number of followers, but all of this information is publicly visible anyway, and we will never use any of this data. The app simply adds my new release to your Spotify Library, nothing more, nothing less.

You can remove my tracks from your library at any time, and you can remove this web app at any time from your Spotify account by going to Account/apps.

Many thanks to my excellent friend Martin Harvey at for the bespoke code!

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